Trekking Sahara Morocco – Morocco Sahara desert Tours 6 days 

Trekking Sahara Morocco : A cheap desert trek, that will allow you to live priceless experiences and to keep unforgettable memories.

Choose us to take you to southern Morocco’s desert for a fascinating trek in the Draa Valley. Our treks in the Moroccan desert are easy and accessible to anyone who’s used to walk. A trek in southern Morocco is the best way to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the desert, off the beaten path.

We’ll leave Marrakech for a week trek in the desert of southern Morocco. Like the nomads, we’ll go at the pace of our dromedaries while passing by the most beautiful landscapes of southern Morocco. You’ll discover the magic nights of the Sahara with a sky studded with stars. Trekking in the desert is also an exceptional experience that will allow you to think about the simplest and most essential things in life. We’ll take all the time we’ll need to appreciate the beauty of the golden dunes and the deserts of shimmering stones. During this trek, you will visit the oases of the Drâa Valley and admire the sublime architecture of its Kasbahs. Unforgettable memories guaranteed!

Period : from October to April
Time : 6 days, 4-day walk
Total time : 5h to 5h30 walk per day
Porterage : Camels


The Program of trekking Sahara Morocco : 

Day 1: Marrakech − Ouarzazate − Zagora − Draa Valley − Oulad Amer

We depart from the city of Marrakech towards Ouarzazate, crossing the majestic High Atlas mountains through the Tichka Pass. After our lunch in Ouarzazate, we continue our journey towards the Draa Valley, where we will be amazed by its vast palm groves. We then descend along this beautiful valley until we reach the village of Oulad Amer, where we will set up our camp. We will spend the night in tents in the heart of the desert. Approximately 7 hours of travel.

Day 2: Oulad Amer − Bougaiwar − Zaouit Sidi Salh − Tiraf Dunes

After loading our camels, we begin our great adventure in the desert. We pass through a palm grove and typical desert villages made of pisé, then we reach a plateau that leads us to the village of Zaouit Sidi Salh. There, we will have our lunch and take a short nap in the shade of palm trees. An hour’s walk later, we will arrive at our camp at the Tiraf Dunes, where we will gather wood to light a campfire. We will spend the night in tents.

Day 3: Tiraf Dunes − Erg Sahl

We start our day by climbing Mount Tidri to enjoy a panoramic view of the oasis and the Draa River. Crossing a vast desert plateau (Reg), we arrive at our camp in the middle of the dunes, in a beautiful location where we will set up the tents. Approximately 4 and a half hours of walking. We will also have time to gather wood to prepare sandbread.

Day 4: Erg Sahl − Reguabi Dunes

We continue our exploration of the dunes and different plateaus, crossing varied terrain with dunes, acacia trees, and tamarisks. We reach the Reguabi Dunes, where we will set up our tents for the night. Approximately 4 hours of walking.

Day 5: Reguabi Dunes − Bounou − Talha Dunes

On this last day of hiking in the desert, we head towards the palm grove of Reguabi, near the Draa River that disappears into the sands of the Sahara. We visit the ancient village of Bounou, built with sun-dried clay bricks. This beautiful fortified village enjoys a strategic position at the gateway to the desert and along the Draa River. We will spend the night in tents in the dunes near the village of Talha. Approximately 4 hours of walking.

Day 6: Talha Dunes − Return transfer to Marrakech

We begin a short walk to reach our vehicle. We bid farewell to our team of camel drivers and their camels to return to Marrakech, passing through the magnificent Draa Valley with some stops along the way. We will have our lunch in Ouarzazate before returning to Marrakech in the late afternoon.

The Price of trekking Sahara Morocco

Number of people

Price : / person in euros

2 people : 610 € / person
3 people : 570 € / person
4 people and more : 510 € / person




– Road Transfers from / to Marrakesh
– Tents and mattresses during the trek
– All food during the trek
– Mules to carry the baggage and food
– Cook
– Qualified Mountain Guide
– Hotel  and meals in Marrakesh
– Drinks and personal expanses
– Tips

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trekking Sahara Morocco : Trekking in the Sahara Desert of Morocco is an extraordinary adventure that unfolds against a backdrop of endless sand dunes and an otherworldly landscape. The trek offers a unique blend of challenge and wonder as you traverse the mesmerizing golden expanses. Camel caravans lead the way, providing an authentic and timeless mode of transport through the vast wilderness. The ever-shifting sands create a dynamic and ethereal environment, with the silence of the desert broken only by the soft padding of camel footsteps. As the day transitions to night, the desert sky comes alive with a brilliant display of stars, making each evening a celestial spectacle. Bedouin guides, with their deep knowledge of the desert, add cultural richness to the journey, sharing stories and traditions beneath the vast, starlit Sahara sky. Trekking in the Sahara is a soul-stirring experience, offering a profound connection to the raw beauty and tranquility of one of the world’s most iconic landscapes.