The best treks in Morocco

Hikking & Trekking In Morocco

Hiking and Trekking in Morocco

Embark on an extraordinary hiking and trekking adventure in Morocco with us. Discover unparalleled opportunities to ascend the first and second highest peaks in North Africa, and even indulge in the exhilarating experience of skiing down these majestic slopes during the winter season. Throughout the year, entrust us to tailor and coordinate a personalized trip for you or choose from our selection of pre-packaged routes.

Benefit from our extensive expertise as we guide and support adventurers through the mountains and the desert, a service that has been successfully provided to countless global travelers for over two decades. With more than 20 years of experience in this captivating destination, our team is proficient in Spanish, English, French, and German.

Immerse yourself in a myriad of experiences that bring the High Atlas region to life. Whether opting for a guided day hike or a meticulously planned trek featuring tents, mules, guides, and meaningful interactions with the ancient Berber people of the mountains and desert, we cater to diverse preferences.

Your hiking and trekking adventure need not adhere to pre-packaged holiday constraints unless you choose otherwise. We’re here to share our 20 years of expertise and craft a bespoke experience tailored to your specific needs. Variables such as the number of participants, trek difficulty, or the inclusion of trekking with animals can be personalized to create a unique adventure. Contact us for more details and start planning your Moroccan hiking and trekking escapade.

5-Day Mount M’goun Ascent Trek : Mountain trekking is one of the most rewarding activities for adventure and nature enthusiasts. Among the majestic peaks of Morocco, M’Goun stands tall, defying the skies, and offers an unforgettable experience to mountain lovers. With its 4,071 meters of altitude, M’Goun is the second highest summit in the country, just after Toubkal.

M’goun canyon trekking

Trekking Ait Bougmez Valley and M’goun canyon: Trekking Ait Bougmez Valley and M’goun canyon: A diverse trek through the wildest and most remote valleys of the Central High Atlas. Our adventure begins in the lush Valley of Aït Bougmez, also known as the “Happy Valley,” where we traverse small villages with traditional pisé houses.

Tassaout Valley Trekking :  A hike that allows you to discover the most beautiful valleys of the central high atlas (Ait Bougmez and the Tassaout valley with its famous village named Magdaz, which was classified by UNISCO as the most beautiful village in Morocco architecture wise. This hiking trip is resolutely focused towards encounters with the Berbers, in the heart of their beautiful, …

6-Days Toubkal Circuit Trek : we’ll start from Imlil to hike around the Toubkal before ascending towards its summit at 4165 meters above sea level.The Toubkal offers us all the magnificence of the high mountains with its beautiful valleys, agricultural activities and the colorful life of the Berber people. A meeting with nature and genuineness.

4 Days Trekking Desert Morocco

4 Days Trekking Desert Morocco  : Explore the Moroccan desert on a 4-day excursion that will take you through the oases and Berber villages of the Draa Valley, where you’ll spend nights beneath the stars in traditional tents. This desert journey in the southern region of Morocco is conducted as part of a solidarity-based,…

Morocco Sahara desert

Trekking Sahara MoroccoA cheap desert trek, that will allow you to live priceless experiences and to keep unforgettable memories. Choose us to take you to southern Morocco’s desert for a fascinating trek in the Draa Valley. Our treks in the Moroccan desert are easy and accessible to anyone who’s used to walk. A trek in southern Morocco is the best way to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the desert, off the beaten path.

Climbing mount toubkal

Toubkal ascent and Berber villages 5 days: This program offers a rewarding climb of Mount Toubkal in the Toubkal Massif, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Berber culture and witness the breathtaking beauty of the Toubkal Mountains, including the ascent of Jbel Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa.

Family Trekking Tour in Morocco

Family Trek in Morocco: Embark on a delightful journey through the pastures and Berber villages of Ait Bougmez, famously known as “the happy valley.” This enchanting trek allows you to immerse yourself in the daily lives of the valley’s inhabitants, nestled in the heart of the High Central Atlas

5 days M'goun Traverse Trek

5 days M’goun Traverse Trek : The M’goun massif represents the heart of the range bearing the same name, located in the Central High Atlas of Morocco. This Moroccan mountain range encompasses several peaks, including M’goun (4071m). It’s a highly sought-after destination for trekking enthusiasts due to its breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness.

Hiking in the High Atlas Mountains

6 days M’goun Hiking Morocco : A hike that allows discovering the Central High Atlas with M’Goun Ascent, the second highest summit in Morocco, and the exploration of the Ait Bougmez valley (Happy Valley). This program is offered for a week of trekking in Morocco.

Rose Valley Trekking Moroccoa hike that does not present great physical difficulty. It’s an opportunity to walk with friends or with your children, all while discovering the wealth and cultural traditions of the Berbers of the southern Central High Atlas.

m'goun trekking

Trekking in Morocco high atlas mountains: Our M’goun trek in Morocco begins in the Ait Bougmez Valley, located in the northern part of the Central High Atlas. This valley is renowned for its apple and walnut orchards, as well as its terraced farming. Over the course of eight days of trekking…

Ascent of Djebel M'goun

A 4-day Ascent of Djebel M’goun starts from the Aït Bougmez valley, often referred to as the “happy valley,” passing by the sheepfolds of Azib N’Ikkis before arriving at the plateau of Tarkeddit, located at the foot of M’goun.

The happy valley of Ait Bougmez

Trekking in the Aït Bougmez valley: At the heart of the Central High Atlas, is a captivating experience. Embark on a 5-day Aït Bougmez valley trek, meandering through the charming Berber villages of the “happy valley” and passing terraced fields that add to the picturesque landscape.

3-Day Imlil Ourika Valley Trek

3-Day Imlil Ourika valley Trek : hiking adventure between two Berber valleys in the High Atlas, starting from Imlil and ending in Setti Fatma, passing through the col of Tizi N’Tacheddirt (3172m) and the Ourika valley.

trek Imlil to Ourika from Marrakech

3 Days Morocco Hiking Holidays

Morocco Hiking Holidays: Hiking in Morocco is always a great way to discover a country, especially Morocco, which offers a diversity of extraordinary landscapes, including mountains, sea, desert, and crop fields. We will take you on a journey through these regions during hikes of several hours,

Toubkal ascent and Berber villages 5 days

Hiking Climbing Toubkal Morocco , Trekking Toubkal 3 days The Toubkal massif of the High Atlas is perfect for curious and hiking-loving trekkers. The Jbel Toubkal (Djebel Toubkal) of volcanic origin is made of Jurassic and Cretaceous formations.

Morocco mountains hiking

Morocco hiking tours :   a 4-Day Adventure through Berber Villages . Situated in close proximity to Marrakech, a mere 1h30 drive takes us to the starting point of our mini trek in Morocco. Join us in exploring the serene and picturesque mountains, a tranquil escape from the bustling city

2 days walking in Berber villages Morocco

The programm of Cheap mountain trek Morocco 2 Days

Day 1 : Marrakesh–Asni – Imioughlad – Pass Tacht – Tizi Oussem ( 1950m )

A 1-hour and 30-minute ride from Marrakech to the village of Imi N’oughlad,

Trekking in Morocco Atlas Mountains

Highlights :

Trekking in Morocco Atlas Mountains: This is a special program for the discovery of the Berber culture and the splendid nature of the Mount Toubkal, without climbing to the summit. There’s a lot to discover in this mountain

Toubkal treks Berber villages

6 Day Berber villages trek and Mount Toubkal Trek

Toubkal Treks berber Villages. At 75 km south of the red city of Marrakech, the Toubkal massif, with its highest point in North Africa (4167 m), offers a beautiful alpine landscape with terraced crops and valleys.

5-Days Family trek Morocco Sahara desert : Have you always dreamed of embarking on a trek in the Moroccan desert? We have designed a 5-day journey for you that will introduce you to the enchantment of the desert:

Morocco Desert Trek

Morocco Desert Trek : If you yearn to explore the essence of the Moroccan desert, this expedition in southern Morocco offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique and traditional life of the Sahara.

6 -Days desert hike morocco

6 -Days desert hike morocco : With the guidance of a desert guide, immerse yourself in the adventure of trekking and hiking in the Moroccan Sahara. “Hiking Trekking Morocco” offers an exceptional trekking program through the desert

6-day Saghro trek

6-day Saghro trek a hike in the south of Morocco, that allows you to discover the pre-Saharan massif of Saghro. The special charm of the Jebel Saghro is mainly due to its exceptional geology from which the variety of its landscapes