Hiking and Trekking in Morocco – Hiking Morocco Atlas Mountains

Hiking and Trekking in Morocco with Mohamed; Mountain And desert tour guide.

Hiking and Trekking Morocco offers a wide range of services for those planning a hike or trekking in Morocco, from guided day walks based in one location to multiple day hikes in the high atlas, Toubkal or desert. Our service includes transport, local accommodation, food, mules, tents and catering. We can suggest and tailor trekking for hiking to meet your needs based on the number of days you have and the number of group members (from a single traveller to large groups). We can arrange day hikes or multi days trek in the High Atlas or camel trekking tours in the Moroccan desert. 

Mohamed – a qualified mountain guide in Morocco – and his team will help you discover the spectacular Hiking and Trekking In Morocco Atlas Mountains such as Toubkal, M’goun, the Saghro massif, Siroua and the great Moroccan desert. Come and discover the main peaks of the Atlas, walk in the midst of majestic Berber villages, or experience the desert dunes. We offer hiking and trekking (mountains and valleys), trips (one or two days trekking), mountain biking excursions, cross country skiing on the peaks of the Atlas, imperial cities by bus, 4×4 or minibus and camel trekking in the Moroccan desert.


Our Hiking and Trekking In Morocco are very good value for money while protecting our local environment and contributing to the local population’s survival and well-being.

Trekking in Morocco


We will offer you cheap trekkings in Morocco deals programs and services at a lower cost through the respect and protection of nature to allow local people to contribute to its natural wellness. contribute to its natural wellness.


Hiking and trekking in Morocco are outdoor activities, and we will help you to discover another world, off the beaten path, taking time to explore the Moroccan nature in the heart of the mountains and desert, whether you are on your own, with family or friends. Depending on your destination we will adapt our means of transport (foot, mules, camels) to drive you towards authentic worlds and unforgettable landscapes to meet the real Morocco. 

Prices :

Thanks to our experience and loyalty, we get the best Prices from our partners and are able to offer you the best travel and trekking experience at low cost, whether in the mountains of the High Atlas or the desert. However, we always ensure local people are remunerated fairly so that they are able to maintain their standard of living while providing us with a quality service.

We organize all trekking in morroco, either to the mountains of the High Atlas (Toubkal, M’goun) in summer or the desert in winter. Mules and camels carry our luggage; with these animals, we have organised exceptional excursions over the last ten years. We hope to ride with you in the mountains and desert of Morocco soon.

Trekking In Morocco

Respect of the population :

Trekking in Morocco is also the school of tolerance, where you will discover new customs that will surprise you. The best way to behave is to accept and comply with local customs, not to criticize or judge others, and only enter places of religious significance after being invited to do so. We will explain these values to you ​and give you the keys to help you better understand the ways of life of these people..

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