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Hiking and Trekking Morocco Offers a wide range of services for those planning a hike or trekking in Morocco, from guided day walks based in one location to multiple-day hikes in the High Atlas, Toubkal, or the desert. Our service includes transport, local accommodation, food, mules, tents, and catering. We can suggest and tailor hiking or trekking routes to meet your needs based on the number of days you have and the size of your group (from a single traveler to large groups). We can arrange day hikes or multi-day treks in the High Atlas or camel trekking tours in the Moroccan desert.

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Mohamed, a qualified mountain guide in Morocco, and his team will help you discover the spectacular hiking and trekking opportunities in the Atlas Mountains, such as Toubkal, M’goun, the Saghro massif, Siroua, and the great Moroccan desert. Come and explore the main peaks of the Atlas, walk amidst majestic Berber villages, or experience the beauty of the desert dunes. We offer various activities, including hiking and trekking in mountains and valleys, one or two-day trekking trips, mountain biking excursions, cross-country skiing on the peaks of the Atlas, guided tours of imperial cities by bus, 4×4, or minibus, as well as camel trekking adventures in the Moroccan desert.

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5-Day Mount M'goun Ascent Trek

Our Hiking and Trekking in Morocco offers excellent value for money while prioritizing the protection of our local environment and contributing to the well-being and livelihood of the local population.

We provide affordable trekking programs and services in Morocco, ensuring a lower cost without compromising the respect and protection of nature. This approach enables local communities to benefit from and contribute to the preservation of their natural surroundings and well-being.

Hiking and trekking in Morocco are outdoor activities that allow you to explore a different world, away from the usual tourist routes. We take the time to immerse ourselves in the heart of the mountains and the desert, discovering the beauty of Moroccan nature. Whether you are traveling solo, with family, or friends, we adapt our means of transport (foot, mules, camels) to lead you to authentic and unforgettable landscapes, where you can truly experience the real Morocco.

Prices :

Thanks to our experience and loyalty, we obtain the best prices from our partners, enabling us to offer you the best travel and trekking experiences at a low cost, whether in the High Atlas mountains or the desert. However, we always ensure that local people are remunerated fairly so that they can maintain their standard of living while providing us with quality service.

We organize all trekking in Morocco, either to the mountains of the High Atlas (Toubkal, M’goun) in summer or the desert in winter. Mules and camels carry our luggage, and with the help of these animals, we have organized exceptional excursions over the last ten years. We look forward to riding with you in the mountains and desert of Morocco soon.

Trekking & Hiking Respect of the population :

Trekking in Morocco is also a school of tolerance, where you will discover new customs that may surprise you. The best way to behave is to accept and respect local customs, avoiding criticism or judgment of others, and only entering places of religious significance after being invited to do so. We will explain these values to you and provide you with the tools to better understand the ways of life of these people. If you're seeking an unforgettable adventure in Morocco, look no further! We offer a range of exciting experiences, including Toubkal Trekking, where you can challenge yourself to climb Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa. Our Walking Morocco Tours will immerse you in the beauty of this diverse country, exploring the stunning landscapes of the Atlas Mountains and the vastness of the Sahara Desert. Our expert Toubkal Guide will lead you on incredible journeys, ensuring your safety and creating lasting memories. For those short on time, our Day Trips from Marrakech will provide a taste of the enchanting Moroccan culture and scenery. And for a truly unique experience, embark on our Camel Trekking in the Morocco Desert, traversing the golden dunes and embracing the magic of the desert wilderness. Join us on these remarkable tours and unleash the adventurer within you!
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5-Days Family trek Morocco Sahara desert

Sahara Desert Trekking

Desert Morocco

5-Days Family trek Morocco Sahara desert : Have you always dreamed of embarking on a trek in the Moroccan desert? We have designed a 5-day journey for you that will introduce you to the enchantment of the desert

Hiking In The Ait Bougmez Valley Morocco

rekking in the Ait Bougmez Valley: The Ait Bougmez Valley, also known as the “Happy Valley,” is located in the heart of the Central High Atlas.


6 days trek with family Jul 2022

I walked for six days with my family of four in the Atlas mountains in the company of a fantastic group, our guide, Mohammed, and 3 muleteers.Read more

Fenneke O

Walking in the Southern Atlas
We walked for five days with my family and friends in the Southern Atlas in company of a fantastic group of guide and mule porters…. Read more

Janvan der smissen

Wonderful Trip In Morocco

Hikking & Trekking

5-Day Mount M’goun Ascent Trek : Mountain trekking is one of the most rewarding activities for adventure and nature enthusiasts. Among the majestic peaks of Morocco, M’Goun stands tall, defying the skies, and offers an unforgettable experience to mountain lovers. With its 4,071 meters of altitude, M’Goun is the second highest summit in the country, just after Toubkal.

M’goun canyon trekking

Trekking Ait Bougmez Valley and M’goun canyon: Trekking Ait Bougmez Valley and M’goun canyon: A diverse trek through the wildest and most remote valleys of the Central High Atlas. Our adventure begins in the lush Valley of Aït Bougmez, also known as the “Happy Valley,” where we traverse small villages with traditional pisé houses.

Tassaout Valley Trekking :  A hike that allows you to discover the most beautiful valleys of the central high atlas (Ait Bougmez and the Tassaout valley with its famous village named Magdaz, which was classified by UNISCO as the most beautiful village in Morocco architecture wise. This hiking trip is resolutely focused towards encounters with the Berbers, in the heart of their beautiful, …

6-Days Toubkal Circuit Trek : we’ll start from Imlil to hike around the Toubkal before ascending towards its summit at 4165 meters above sea level.The Toubkal offers us all the magnificence of the high mountains with its beautiful valleys, agricultural activities and the colorful life of the Berber people. A meeting with nature and genuineness.

4 Days Trekking Desert Morocco

4 Days Trekking Desert Morocco  : Explore the Moroccan desert on a 4-day excursion that will take you through the oases and Berber villages of the Draa Valley, where you’ll spend nights beneath the stars in traditional tents. This desert journey in the southern region of Morocco is conducted as part of a solidarity-based,…

Morocco Sahara desert

Trekking Sahara MoroccoA cheap desert trek, that will allow you to live priceless experiences and to keep unforgettable memories. Choose us to take you to southern Morocco’s desert for a fascinating trek in the Draa Valley. Our treks in the Moroccan desert are easy and accessible to anyone who’s used to walk. A trek in southern Morocco is the best way to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the desert, off the beaten path.