Trekking in Morocco high atlas mountains – M’goun Ascent and Gorges in 10 Days.

Trekking in Morocco high atlas mountains: Our M’goun trek in Morocco begins in the Ait Bougmez Valley, located in the northern part of the Central High Atlas. This valley is renowned for its apple and walnut orchards, as well as its terraced farming. Over the course of eight days of trekking, we will journey through the valleys of the Central High Atlas, including the joyful Ait Bouguemez Valley, the M’goun Valley, and the Valley of Roses.

The Central High Atlas offers an extraordinary diversity, with its villages perched or nestled at the foot of a wadi, adorned with the colors of the earth. The famous M’goun Gorges will also be part of our itinerary, along with the ascent of M’goun, the highest peak in the Central High Atlas. The M’goun massif is well-known for its vast plateaus, where Berber shepherds roam during the summer.

M'goun Ascent and Gorges in 10 Days

Period : May to end of October

Duration: 10 days, including 8 days of trekking

Difficulty Level : Moderate

Highlights :

  • The Happy Valley of Aït Bougmez
  • The ascent of M’Goun, the 2nd highest peak in Morocco
  • Village architecture and interaction with the local population of the High Atlas
  • The M’goun Gorges, the narrowest gorges in Morocco
  • Meeting and enjoying mint tea with nomads in their homes.

The programme of trekking in Morocco high atlas mountains

Day 1 : Marrakech – Azilal – Ait Bougmez Valley – Overnight with a Traditional gite in Timit Village (1750m)

Departure from Marrakech is scheduled at 8 am towards Azilal, the gateway to the Central High Atlas. Then, we head to the Tizi N’tirghist pass at an altitude of 2600m before descending through a narrow mountainous road. We will be in the heart of the Ait Bouguemez Valley, known as the Happy Valley, where we will stay with a local host in Timit. Traditional Berber hospitality welcomes us with mint tea. Free stroll through the houses and fields of the villages. Dinner prepared by our Berber family. Overnight in Traditional gite. 5.5 hours of driving.

Day 2 : Discovering Ait Bougmez Valley – Overnight in our Traditional gite in Timite

We start our trek, passing through the valley’s crops with their traditional irrigation system. A magnificent day that allows us to meet villagers working on the terraced fields and pass through the villages of Tabant and Ait Imi. We will also visit the famous dinosaur tracks in the middle of the village of IBaklioune. Overnight at a local host’s home in Timit. 5.5 hours of trekking.

Day 3 : Timit (1750m) – Arouss Valley – Azib N’Ikiss (2300m)

We begin our trek with a small climb to the collective granary and the marabout of Sidi Moussa, offering a magnificent view of three directions of the Happy Valley of Ait Bougmez. After descending from the Happy Valley towards the village of Agouti, we have lunch under the large walnut trees near the village of Arouss. After 2 hours of trekking, we will arrive at our campsite in Azib N’Ikkiss. 5.5 hours of trekking.

Day 4 : Azib N’Ikiss (2300m) – Tarkaddit Pass (3400m) – Tarkkadit (2900m)

We climb a good trail towards the Tarkkadit Pass (3400m), offering a beautiful view of the Mgoun range and its summit at 4068 meters above sea level. After an hour of descent to the Tarkkadit plateau, we arrive at a place frequented by nomads with their herds of goats, sheep, and camels. Overnight in tents. 5.5 hours of trekking.

m'goun trekking

Day 5 : Tarkkadit (2900m) – M’goun Ascent (4068m) – Oulilimt (2600m)

Breakfast around 4 am, departure at 5 am. Our cook provides us with a packed lunch. The ascent is quite long but does not require any technical equipment. About 4 hours of gentle ascent to the summit of M’goun (4068m) offering a magnificent view of the southern peaks and valleys, the Valley of Roses, and Dadès. Then, we follow a beautiful ridge before descending to the campsite. Afternoon rest. 8 hours of trekking. Overnight in tents.

Day 6 : Oulilimt (2600m) – Aflafel Source (2200m)

We are in the Oulilimt Valley, where the transhumants of Ait Atta temporarily settle from the Valley of Roses and the Saghro Mountains to practice their nomadic lifestyle. We descend the magnificent oued which becomes the Mgoun River. During 4 hours of trekking, we will arrive at the Aflafal Source to set up our camp. Afternoon free.

Trekking in Morocco high atlas mountains

Day 7 : Aflafel Source (2200m) – Mgoun Valley – Imi N’Irkt

We descend the Mgoun Valley along a trail by the river, passing through many Berber villages of Mgoun located next to fields of corn, wheat, apple, and walnut trees. Lunch will be prepared near the village of Taghreft in the center of this beautiful valley. After 1.5 hours of trekking, we will arrive at our campsite in the village of Imi N’Irkt (in Berber, the gateway to the gorge).

Day 8 : Imi N’Irkt – Mgoun Gorges – Aguerzegua

Early departure to avoid the hours of thunderstorms (from 2 pm to 6 pm). We will cross waters, sometimes cold with a strong current, so be sure to bring appropriate footwear. These are truly the most beautiful and spectacular gorges of the High Atlas. At one point where the gorges are narrow, we will be in the water, often cold and refreshing, for about three hours. Then, at the exit, our cook will invite us to have hot tea and lunch at the Ifasfas Source. Later, we will camp near the village of Aguerzegua. 5.5 hours of trekking.

M'goun canyon trek

Day 9 : Aguerzegua (1650m) – Ighrem Akdim – Boutaghrar (1500m)

The trek continues, sometimes through water, sometimes through fields. We will notice the existence of terraced crops on both sides of the river, which remains insufficient to meet the needs of a growing population. As we move south, the climate becomes increasingly warmer. Lunch will be provided near the village of Ighrem Akdim. Overnight in Traditional gite in Boutaghrar. 5.5 hours of trekking.

Day 10 : Transfer from Boutaghrar – Ouarzazate – Marrakech

Transfer from Boutaghrar to Ouarzazate, passing through a magnificent road along the Atlas Mountains that crosses typical Berber villages before arriving at the small town of Kalâat Mgouna, the rose capital of Morocco. Then, we will cross the Atlas Mountains through the Tizi N’Tichka pass, the highest pass in Morocco at 2260 meters above sea level, before arriving in Marrakech. 6 hours of driving.

The Price :

Number of people

Price : / person in euros

2 people : 790 € / Person
3 people : 710€ / Person
4 people and more : 620€ / Person


The prices do not include

– Road Transfers from / to Marrakesh
– Tents and mattresses during the trek
– All food during the trek
– Mules to carry the baggage and food
– 3 Accommodation in local gite
– Cook
– Qualified Mountain Guide
– Hotel and meals in Marrakesh
– Drinks and personal expanses
– Tips

Trekking in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, particularly in the M’goun region, offers an exhilarating adventure through some of the most spectacular landscapes in North Africa. The M’goun Massif, with its rugged peaks and dramatic plateaus, provides a challenging yet rewarding experience for trekking enthusiasts. As you navigate through the winding trails, you’ll encounter breathtaking alpine meadows, traverse rocky terrains, and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the M’goun summit, the second-highest peak in Morocco. Along the way, interactions with local Berber communities add a cultural dimension to the journey, offering a glimpse into their traditional way of life. The trek is a harmonious blend of physical challenge and cultural immersion, making it a memorable exploration of the High Atlas Mountains and the unique charm of the M’goun region.

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